The ICC2015 will address issues related to various aspects of modern coal mining operations, coal processing, utilization & health safety & environmental issues. Accordingly, papers are invited from the following broader areas:

Coal Mining

  • Exploration, Mining Geology and Geostatistics

  • Coal and Mine Economics

  • Planning and Design of Surface and Underground Mines.

  • Rock Mechanics and Geotechnics

  • Coal Processing

  • Mine Ventilation

  • Mine Machinery

  • Mine Water and Dewatering Design

  • Mine Water Treatment

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Mine Environment

  • Surface Subsidence

  • Mine Fires and Explosions

  • Risk Management

Coal Characterization & Up-gradation

  • Coal Characterization

  • Coal preparation, upgrading & blending

Coal combustion, gasification & Clean coal Technologies

  • Combustion & Co-firing

  • Gasification Technologies

  • Underground Coal Gasification

  • Clean Coal & Zero Emission Technologies

  • Coal Bed Methane

Emissions & their control

  • Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Hazardous  Air Pollutant Precursors (HAPPs) and their control

Coal- General

  • Coal Economics and Mine Finance

  • Policy Framing, Regulatory Regime and Infrastructure Development

  • International perspectives